Having staff with up to 40 years of continuous yacht painting experience, Superyacht Solutions and its antecedents have had many welcome opportunities to be involved in the restoration of some classic artefacts of yachting history.

These have included wooden J-Class and 12 Metre veterans of Americas Cup campaigns as well as many less well-known, but equally venerable, timber vessels, power and sail, some of which are genuine antiques.

Superyacht Solutions has also been involved in the restoration of classic steel yachts of both welded and riveted construction, up to 70m in length.

This increasingly rare depth and breadth of experience enables Superyacht Solutions to confidently assume a key role in classic restoration projects, both exterior and interior.

This experience has also afforded us the ability to participate in the finishing of reproductions of vintage vessels of all types and sizes whether driven by steam, diesel, sail and even the lowly oar.