Superyacht Solutions is internationally recognized for its mastery of large scale metallic, pearlescent and other ‘special effect’ finishes.

The late 1990’s saw the advent of greatly increased demand for metallic colour applications to larger custom and semi-production yachts; a demand that has since continued largely unabated.

Reliably successful such projects require a level of understanding and experience far beyond that required to apply mere ‘solid’ colours. Such requirements extend not only to material selection and application but, in many cases, an involvement in the formulation of the particular colours themselves to optimize future reparability. It is vitally important to the ‘through-life’ success of your large scale metallic finishing project that appropriately expert applicators are consulted at the earliest colour-selection stage.

Superyacht Solutions has successfully conducted many hundreds of large scale metallic applications, newbuild and refinish, up to 50m in length.

Please read Dupont’s (now Axalta) article on Superyacht Solutions’ result on the spectacular refinish of 47-metres ISA Yacht.